2018 Personal Coaching Package


Every year I create a specific coaching package. It’s meant to be a short time frame and very focused. It’s a bit different from ongoing coaching because of this. It’s meant to do long distance and with personal journaling and space to do the work. Someone taking part of this coaching should plan on dedicating time for themselves to explore these topics in order to get the most out of the sessions.

The purpose of this 7 week series is to expand you towards your very best. I’ll encourage you to observe yourself without judgement and from that place, we’ll work on ways to enhance the areas of your life that move you towards feeling even more happy/content. We’ll also examine patterns of thought and behavior that keep you from taking steps forward towards your personal success. This is also a good tool for those who want to check in, refocus and have a cheerleader along the way!

This can be done either weekly or biweekly depending on your personal needs. Each session will have “homework” designed to help you continue to be mindful about the goals and topics at hand. The cost of this series is $280.

Series is only offered for sign up through October 2018.

Here are the list of the 7 week call topics:

Personal Coaching:

Session 1: Intro, goals, “state of the union” of your life.

Session 2: Self esteem, self love, personal confidence.

Session 3: Authenticity, being honest with your self and others.

Session 4: What steals your fire?

Session 5: Managing your energy.

Session 6: Letting go of what doesn’t serve you.

Session 7: Wrapping it all up. How to move forward.

Please contact me via email at april.hauck@yahoo.com or my business phone (call or text) 503-713-7751. Cashapp and Venmo payments preferred. Checks and money orders also accepted.