Finding your voice: Life coaching


“Man, sometimes it takes you a long time to sound like yourself.”― Miles Davis

Each client has a story made up of rich history and fascinating observations of life’s moments. Happiness, sadness, grief, confusion, conflict, anger, joy, trauma, bliss… Through those moments and emotions a life is formed and held together.

My Personal Coaching is designed to dig deeper – past the willpower, restrictions, ignoring, coping, suppressing, hard to acknowledge things – to look for what is lovely. It’s designed to help clients find their own voice, their own strength and to empower them to fall in love with themselves. Sessions often work on compulsive eating, body image, self esteem, motivation, personal transformation, self care and overall life skills.

Clients can meet face to face, via video chat or by phone. Long distance clients are also accepted.

Rates for ongoing personal coaching are $65 per session. Packages of 6 may be purchased in a bundle for $360.