Personal Training

client pic

I love these pics of some of my clients! I asked each one to pose in a way that showed their strength. We giggled, got feisty, got serious…

There is an incredible amount of strength that comes in Personal Training.

Not just in lifting weights or hard core cardio, but in the showing up session after session – in learning to treat these workouts and coaching sessions as significant forms of self care. There is strength in learning to love one’s body and that is the heart of my work.

My Personal Training sessions take into account each client’s goals, struggles and abilities. Some clients show up to lose weight, others to increase fitness, some for specific health or ability goals and others to work on body love. All of those things are possible! Together we’ll design a plan to meet each individual client’s needs.  I ask a lot of questions. I ask clients to assess their feelings, behaviors and the way their body feels. I cheer them on! This is personal training after all. You may as well get your money’s worth!