Client Success Stories

“Ok, so my experience with April is a little unconventional, but I think it’s really demonstrative. I started out with fitness stuff — she used her signature combo of sweet + sassy to make me do things I deeply hate, such as jogging and stretching and breathing properly (what a monster). It was pretty miraculous that I (mostly) happily paid her to make me grumpy. But the real amazing stuff came later.

After working with her for about a year, I got hit by a drunk driver and lost half my right leg. After I was healed enough from all my surgeries to start moving a bit, I had a few sessions with a physical therapist through the hospital, but pretty soon I didn’t feel like I was getting much out of it anymore. Enter Swiss Army April. She did research about limb loss and worked hard to help me figure out what was going on with my body. She ended up being my all-in-one yogi, physical therapist, butt-kicker, life coach, and cheerleader.

She showed me how to stretch so I could get relief from the aches and pains associated with my body reconfiguring itself around its missing piece. She taught me exercises to help with the balance that was suddenly crucial for me. She coached me through my financial panic and helped me figure out ways to lessen the burden of a newly expensive life. She made me put my prosthesis on and strut around when I’d rather have been taking a nap. She even let my dog hover around nervously while we tried to stretch.

April is generous, kind, reliable, funny, adaptable, and relentlessly persistent in her pursuit of making her clients’ lives better. She’s an all-around Grade A good egg, and I’m lucky to have her in my life.” -Emily Fuggetta


“I have been surprised by how really useful and affordable personal training has been. I have gained so much more than just physical strength and shaping.  Under April’s gentle guidance I have looked at the lifelong battle with my body with love. I embrace that some limitations are probably healthy defenses that keep me safe and some need to be taken down and put away. I think personal training has unlocked more of my secret aspirations and rekindled my dreams.  I can acknowledge how my body has held me up and always been there for me and that it will change with me.  I am a team with this body given to me from my ancestors and not a sibling I fight with. Everyone can afford some amount of personal training. My experience with April has enriched my life and health ten times what it cost me. Invaluable to me.” – Judy Schaffer

“April was my long-distance life coach via phone sessions for a few imperative years in my life. She didn’t just tell me what I wanted to hear, or tell me what I needed to do. She listened to what I had to say, and really *heard* me, and then helped guide me through some very difficult trauma, and taught me the skills I needed to overcome that trauma. I still employ those skills today, about three years after I graduated and was strong enough to make it on my own. I will forever be grateful to April for her life coaching sessions, compassion, support, and continued friendship.” -Amy McCrackin

“As a woman over 60, I needed a trainer and a yoga instructor who would understand the way my “senior” body works. Don’t get me wrong, an over-60 body can be amazingly strong. Just that our bodies tend to respond to whatever stresses are in our everyday lives. And some days that means everything hurts. I always knew that April would ask me, “How’s your body?” before ever starting a workout. And that she would custom-fit my hour with what I needed “in that moment.” Group classes can be great, but everyone will be doing the same workout. Having a one-to-one session with April is like having a workout, a peaceful calming experience, and a therapy session all rolled into one. Her understanding of human nature and her ability to observe and instantly change courses to give you what your body needs – that’s a gift. I highly recommend both strength training and yoga practice with April. It will give you the motivation you need to embrace your wonderful self in a new way and is an investment into a stronger, more centered…you.” -Cheryl Flanders