Tune Up (Consultation)

Life Coaching tune up:

Sometimes you don’t need to buy a package of sessions. Sometimes you just need an objective listener to help you see the situation in a different way or to ask some pointed and provoking questions. A tune up can be a great tool to have in the midst of life decisions. It can help you sift away what’s not right for you or give insight into what might be. It will help you sleuth out what you already have in your personal skill set and support system to set you up for success. This one hour coaching appointment often gives direction and “homework” to help you move forward towards whatever the task, the dream or the transition is.

Personal Training/Nutrition/Yoga tune up:

If you’ve already had a robust practice of living a healthy and active lifestyle and need a boost, a tune up may be just what you need! This is designed for those who may feel stagnant in their routine or who may have gotten out of practice and need some motivation to find some consistency. It may consist of goal setting, time management, creating new exercise routines or helping to modify or create something new. Clients will leave with a strategy and support for their personal plan towards their individual wellness.

These sessions may be done face to face or distance by phone or video chat. Investment is $65.